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Race and Secularism in America

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Isbn 9780231174916
Publisher Columbia University Press
Imprint Columbia University Press
Contributor 1 Kahn, Jonathan
Series Religion, Culture, and Public Life
Contributor 2 Lloyd, Vincent W
Pages 304
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"Race and Secularism in America shows how conversations about race and secularism can be enriched by bringing the two together. This timeliness, coupled with the excellence of the contributors, makes the book essential reading for our times."—Ted Smith, Emory University Candler School of Theology

"A tremendous volume. Its originality and interdisciplinary breadth will attract a range of scholars in the humanities and social sciences. It will shift conversations within and facilitate new discussions across the fields of race, religion, literature, and theology."—James Manigault-Bryant, Williams College

"Jonathon S. Kahn and Vincent W. Lloyd have pulled together a deeply original set of essays on race and secularism in the United States that effectively challenges intellectualist, European-derived accounts of secularist discourse. Focusing on the fundamental whiteness of American secularism, the collection highlights the ways in which the specificities of both race and religion have been managed—and obscured—through the ideals and practices of secular statecraft. It is an impressive and necessary critique of the widespread neglect of race and racialization in contemporary secular studies."—Leigh Eric Schmidt, Washington University in St. Louis

"This well-conceived and well-crafted collection provides another account of secularism by interrogating those processes by which not only are religion and religious discourse regulated or excluded but also race and religion are entwined, managed, or resisted. Methodologically and theoretically, these essays substantially deepen and complicate our understanding of secularism, religion, and race."—M. Shawn Copeland, Boston College

"A turning point for understanding how relegating the sacred and the secular to incommensurable realms has produced and protected the structured advantages of whiteness and imbued the secular sphere with presumptions of innocence that preclude racial justice."—George Lipsitz, author of How Racism Takes Place

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Release Date 03/01/2016
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